Restorative Dentistry

Small areas that have decay are removed and filled with a durable tooth colored resin that blends naturally with your tooth.

Aside from a composite restoration, inlays and onlays are the most conservative option for restoring a tooth. Larger areas of decay or chips are restored with an inlay or onlay. Inlays and onlays require less removal of healthy tooth structure and are more conservative than a full crown. They are made of porcelain or gold, which is stronger than composite resin and less prone to fracture and breakage.

high quality dental crowns

Crowns are utilized to restore teeth that are badly decayed or damaged. Often, these teeth are beyond the point of repair with a composite restoration or inlay/onlay. A porcelain crown is custom fitted over the tooth like a cap. Crowns do require some removal of healthy tooth structure to make room for the restoration.

A bridge is a permanent solution for missing teeth. Used to replace 1-2 missing teeth, a bridge consists of two crowns anchored on each adjacent teeth (abutments) and a filler tooth (pontic). Bridges are a great solution for missing teeth as they prevent the teeth from shifting into the empty space which causes bite or jaw issues.

Partial dentures are ideal for people missing more than a few teeth and whom bridges are not a feasible option. We offer 2 removable partial solutions. The first is the traditional cast metal partial that has been utilized in dentistry for decades. A cast metal partial consists of a metal base and acrylic teeth that sit on acrylic resin that simulates gum tissues. A metal partial has “hooks” called clasps that allow the partial to anchor on to remaining teeth. The second option is a a thermoplastic flexible resin partial. Resin partials have no metal clasps and are often more comfortable and natural looking.

Dentures are custom made for persons missing most or all of their natural teeth. We offer 3 types of denture solutions. Traditional dentures sit on the gums. Implant retained dentures are the most recommended solution, as implants help preserve your jawbone. Implants also serve as anchors for snap on dentures or permanent screw retained dentures, which prevent rocking, slipping, and eliminates the need for messy adhesive.